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Dallas-Fort Worth

Success Rates

This clinic is new and does not yet have success statistics published on SART.org or CDC.gov.

Why Choose CCRM?

Science: What differentiates CCRM from other fertility providers is rooted in a deep commitment to consistently investing in new proprietary technology and scientific techniques that translates into superior outcomes and a family’s fastest path to a healthy baby.

Service: 97% of patients would recommend CCRM to family and friends.

Success: With 11 centers in North America, 40+ physicians, 22 PhDs and 560 employees, the CCRM network offers exceptional convenience to world-class care.

Scale: CCRM’s network allows us to continually invest in people, facilities, equipment and research to ensure we consistently maintain excellence in both success rates and patient satisfaction.

Skill: More than 50,000 babies have been born through fertility treatments at CCRM.