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CCRM Embryo Banking

Embryo banking is a safe and effective fertility treatment for patients who wish to build the family of their dreams. CCRM offers two embryo banking options at discounted prices to help patients build their families:

1. Early Embryo Banking

CCRM is pleased to offer Early Embryo Banking for the purpose of family building. This technique increases the chance of a successful outcome for women with diminished ovarian reserve who seek to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) using their own eggs.

Early Embryo Banking involves undergoing three egg retrieval procedures in succession. All embryos from the first two retrievals will be frozen on day one of embryonic development using vitrification (flash-freezing method). After fertilization during the third egg retrieval, frozen early embryos will be thawed and all early embryos will be grown together to the blastocyst stage. Comprehensive chromosomal screening (CCS) will be performed to determine which embryos are chromosomally normal and therefore most likely to develop into a healthy pregnancy.

Why choose Early Embryo Banking?

  • Increases the likelihood of transfer with chromosomally normal embryo(s) for women with diminished ovarian reserve.
  • Research has shown that poor prognosis patients who have banked embryos from three cycles are more likely to have a successful outcome.
  • Allows patients with diminished ovarian reserve  to come back for subsequent embryo transfers and have the family they desire.

2. Blastocyst Banking

Banking of frozen chromosomally normal (CCS-tested) blastocysts (day 5/6 embryos) for future use.

Why choose blastocyst banking?

  • Allows patients to create and freeze their chromosomally normal embryos today for the family they desire in the future.
  • For women of advanced maternal age it increases the likelihood of future multiple transfers to build the family they desire.